Von Bock House photo exhibition “Faces of the University III”

This exhibition shows portraits of researchers and professors who work at the University of Tartu. Forty-five well known, socially active scientists and esteemed professors representing all faculties and institutions of the university are displayed in eleven windows of the house as if looking out onto the city, its residents and visitors.

The exhibition of photos by Andres Tennus was designed by Maarja Roosi.

The first exhibition in the “Faces of the University” series was opened in 2007 when the University of Tartu celebrated its 375th anniversary, and the second in 2014 to mark the 95th anniversary of the university as Estonia’s national university.

The original idea of the exhibition series was by photographer Alar Madisson.


Von Bock House
is an early neoclassical building with the richest façade decoration in Tartu.

The house was commissioned by alderman D. H. Wilcke following the great fire of 1775 and was completed in 1780. Wilcke sold the house to state councillor Colonel Magnus Johann von Bock. The University of Tartu bought the building in 1839 and it currently houses the university’s Institute of Cultural Research.

When the von Bock House was opened after renovations in 2007, a mural was added to its wall facing the Town Hall, showing the main building of the University of Tartu as it was depicted on a 1860 lithograph by Louis Höflinger.