Extensive collection campaign of the University of Tartu museum

Although the museum values each and every fragment of memory in the university’s long history, this time we want to particularly focus on our recent past. This collecting campaign is focused on the processes and events that have taken place in the university’s academic and non-academic life over the last 30 years. Everything is worth collecting: festive occasions and everyday life, research activities and administrative restructuring in the university, events in lecture halls and student flats.

We expect to get both long memoirs and short fragments of the developments within the last decades, photos of different aspects of university life, scientific equipment that has left its mark in science history, or souvenirs with faculties’ logos.

 To record the different aspects and interesting events of the recent past, Estonian museums have created a joint collecting environment. Stories connected with the university can be sent here: http://rahvalood.ee/lood/ulikoolide-muuseumide-teema/

We call everyone to enrich our collective memory!

We also welcome stories (may be typed on the computer, typewritten or handwritten), as well as videos, songs, photos and items.

If you think you possess materials that from the aspect of university history could be also interesting for others, please contact us!

A selection of the collected items will be displayed at exhibitions of the University of Tartu museum.

We propose a few optional topic areas:

  • Emergence and disappearance of new structural units (faculty of theology, social sciences, philosophy; fate of departments teaching the “red subjects”, young communist league, etc.)
  • Creating international contacts (foreign guests, first trips abroad)
  • Changes in the content and form of studies
  • Changes in research funding
  • Role of the people of the university in the restoration of independence in Estonia

Terje Lõbu

curator of University of Tartu museum
+372 737 5671