Light show “The Spirit of Tartu”

30. November at 17.30
in Cathedral ruins at Toome Hill
Lossi 25, Tartu

The most powerful event of the centenary celebrations, involving the whole city and the sky, is held on Toome Hill.

A large-scale light show, specifically created for the anniversary, is performed on the towers of Tartu Cathedral, narrating the history of the university and Estonia by means of modern laser and sound technology.

The light show can be viewed in the valley in front of the cathedral towers and on the slopes of Kassitoome valley.

All university members, inhabitants of Tartu, friends and guests are welcome – everyone who love and care for our university and Tartu.

Idea and script by Arne Merilai
Co-authors PEATA FILM
Animations by PEATA FILM
Composer Ardo Ran Varres
Art director Mart Koldits