Estonia’s National University 100

The opening assembly of the University of Tartu of the Republic of Estonia on 1 December 1919 marked the establishment of an Estonian-language university that was above all designed for Estonian students and to serve Estonian society.

The anniversary celebrations of the national university are dedicated to Estonia and the Estonian language. The events and festivities planned for the anniversary year express the university’s thanks and serve as a gift for all people of Estonia.

The Estonian University of Tartu was born with the republic. After the end of World War I in December 1918, the German army handed over the University of Tartu to Peeter Põld, representative of the Estonian Government. Estonian became the university’s official language and once preparations were made, it opened its doors to 351 students, including 305 Estonians, on 6 October 1919. The university’s opening assembly took place on 1 December 1919 when negotiations for the Treaty of Tartu had not even begun.



Foundation of the University of Tartu (Academia Dorpatensis).


Opening of the University of Tartu as Estonia’s National University.


University of Tartu belongs to the top 1.2% of world’s best universities.